About Us

About EYLEP:

Early Years Learning Educational Partners LLP (EYLEP) was established in 2019 with a vision to create India’s best childcare platform. EYLEP is building a unique platform of innovative products, services and processes aimed at transforming child care and early years learning for children 0 to 14 years of age.

EYLEP Platform through its comprehensive offering of world’s best childcare methodologies, network of Early Learning Centres and Afterschool Programs aims to enable transformation of childcare and early years learning and education across India.

EYLEP will use state of the art digital technologies & tools, methodologies and best practices from world’s leading authorities in transforming childcare in India. This will not only improve the early years curriculum, it will empower the early years educators and practitioners to provide a conducive environment for optimal child development.

EYLEP platform will enable creation of employment and encourage women entrepreneurs to establish childcare and early years education centres across India, to generate income and wealth for themselves. In effect, we will create employment and wealth for the nation, while uplifting the quality of childcare in our country.

Our Vision:

That every child in India has the best possible start in life.

To uplift the standards of childcare across India. To be recognized as an institution that sets a benchmark for child care standards and training in India.

Our Purpose:

To continuously deliver on our philosophy ‘Every Child Matters!’ by ensuring children have the learning, development and wellbeing outcomes they need for school and life.

To create enabling environments that can help support our philosophy.

Our goals:

To support India to achieve the target of United Nations Millennium Development Goals - By 2030 ensure that all girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development, care and pre primary education.

To create a skilled workforce of Early Years Practitioners to support employers complying with the Maternity Benefit Act 2017 amendment.

To generate avenues for employment/ entrepreneurship for unemployed youth in childcare & early years education sector .

Our Philosophy

The underpinning philosophy to everything that we do is EVERY CHILD MATTERS. There were five key principles to this philosophy which we believe children should have support with. These are

  • To be healthy
  • To stay safe.
  • To enjoy and achieve.
  • To make a positive contribution.
  • To achieve economic well-being

A child’s life chances are influenced by experiences and circumstances both before birth and throughout childhood. Neuroscience research has shown us that early childhood is a time of tremendous brain development. The young brain literally changes shape and size in response to everything encountered in the early years of life. New environment, life experiences, caretakers and relationships can all affect the way a child’s brain circuits are wired.

We are innovating the future of child care and reimaging the early years learning network and everything that is connecting it together.