What We Do

Grandma & Grandpa's International Preschools (G & G)

Designed to International standards and upholding Indian values, G&G Preschools offer every child from 4 months of age to 5 years, a hygienic, stimulating and safe environment and lots Tender Loving Care (TLC), so that they blossom into confident and successful individuals. Such a start to their learning journey enable the children to develop a life long love for learning.

Founded on strong principles of trust and transparency, our mission is for G&G brand to become synonymous with good quality care and learning through good curriculum, good processes and good outcomes for children. Read More

After School Programs, Clubs and Activities (ASCA)

Set up alongside G&G International Preschools, ASCA is for children 2.5 years to 14 years and offers a program of activities during after school hours, weekends and holidays.

The After School program is varied and challenging, making sure that children are mentally stimulated, enjoying themselves and enriching themselves at every session. The objective of our after school program is to channelize the energy and talent of the school-going children in age appropriate, learning activities.

Our innovative and exciting program develops social skills, personal and emotional well-being, mindfulness, team spirit, empathy, leadership qualities, language skills and healthy competitive spirit in every child.

Early Years Practitioners Training Academy & Research Institute (EYPTA&RI)

EYPTA&RI is a training academy exclusively focussed on providing international standard, in-depth training and certification programs to individuals engaged or wanting to be develop a rewarding career in the care of children from birth to fourteen years in all aspects of childcare. Comprehensive training and certifications include:

  • Understanding Child psychology
  • Understanding Age-wise child development & milestones
  • Early years education: curriculum & methodology
  • Understanding world class standards in caring for children
  • Paediatric First aid & CPR
  • Fire & safety procedures for childcare
  • Hygiene, sanitation, safe practices in Childcare
  • Setting up and managing own pre-school for entrepreneurs
  • Managing after school programmes

Whether you are a student just graduating or whether you are an older adult who wants to pursue a rewarding career in childcare and early years education, we train you and equip you with all the skills you need to be an awesome early years practitioner

Early Years Learning @Home (EYL@Home)

Platform for Early Years Practitioners (EYP) to be self employed / entrepreneurs and provide international standar childcare services from their home. EYL@Home, facilitates end to end support for training, certification and setting up the learning environment.

Early Years Practitioners Network (EYPN)

Is an online digital platform of Early Years Practitioners across India. This platform serves as a forum/ database of trained and qualified practitioners who will share best practices and support each other to become better professionals.